Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Matt Hornik
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The present is the world of social media and Instagram is ruling the environment. It is a progressing platform with over 1 billion monthly active users. Using this social platform, users can display their videos and pictures in the most lively way.

This captivating social media platform offers extraordinary features such as IGTV, filters, stories, multiple tagging, and much more. Now you must have understood how popular this social media platform is among all.

Thus the majority of the brands are businesses that are making their presence on this platform to gain a substantial profit. To gain multiple advantages they are making use of an Instagram widget on their official business website.

But Let’s First Understand What is an Instagram Widget?

For definite reasons, Instagram is an addictive social media platform that keeps the users keep scrolling their Instagram feed. No user can ever get bored from this platform and which is why it has gained much popularity among all.

An Instagram widget is an amazing method of integrating all your Instagram feed or the latest Instagram posts on your website. With the use of a widget, your Instagram feeds can be displayed anywhere on your website you wish to keep them. It is a good way to keep your website visitors to stay more as it makes your website look more attractive and engaging.

Benefits of Using an Instagram Widget on Website

There are several of the advantages of leveraging an Instagram widget on website. You must be wondering what are they? So let’s get started without wasting much time-

More Staying Time on Website With Great User Interaction

As we already discussed above that Instagram is a compelling social media platform. Its visual content is what makes the users attracted and engaged in it. Embedding the Instagram widget on website will help in elevating more user engagement.

This is due to the reason that the same source of visual communication is diverted through your website. Users will be benefitted as they will get all the content at the same spot in which they were looking for your brand. This will let them stay longer on your website and get more interaction.

Helps Brand to Form Good Reputation and Growth

With the use of an Instagram widget, the brand will build a good image among its customers. You need to have more number of happy and satisfied clients in order to develop a solid and stronger brand image.

You can build excellent client trust and a good reputation by making more and more people talk about your brand on social networks.

Gives Your Website a More Lively Look

For sure Instagram is the most engaging and vibrant social media platform concerning its feed. Thus when you add this lively and energetic Instagram feed to your brand’s website it makes it lively too.

Thus it will help to add colors to your website and make it beautiful which it lacks previously. Therefore the eye-catching content at your website will help to engage more customers.

Customers Receive Much Superior Shopping Options

With the utmost turn in technology, Instagram has become a considerably popular social media platform. This social media platform has launched its shop option, where the shoppers can directly shop from the post. Thus this has made the shopping process easy and hassles free.

As a result, by embedding an Instagram widget on website you are highlighting this feature and opening the door for more conversions and sales. This will let all the users discover your product directly on the website and encourages them to become customers.

Amazing Tools for Embedding Instagram Widget on Website

To help you embed all the valuable Instagram posts to your website you can make use of various tools available in the market. There is a wide range of tools that will help you easily in the process. Some of the best tools are Taggbox Widget, WPZoom, Lightwidget, ProPhoto, Rudrastyh, and many more.

These tools will help you in making the process simpler and help your consumer engage easily. They will curate all the valuable and quality content from your Instagram and embed it into your website. Besides great customizations and moderation features are offered by these tools that will give your website a more attractive look.

Leaving Out To You

Social media has taken the maximum portion of the technology world and thus embedding the Instagram widget on website is one of the approaches to take advantage of social media. It will let you interact with more and more consumers as well as increase your Instagram followers.

Social media has offered brands a number of open opportunities, which offers impactful profitability. Embedding an Instagram widget on website is a good way to deliver your consumers a superb experience and become their favorite brand. So, what are you waiting for, just get started and let them stay longer on your website?

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